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Our Story

Lazy Daisy was a daydream idea, something that we tossed around in casual conversation. Being an entrepreneur at heart and a risk-taker, I'm always looking for ways to make a living by doing something I love. When my husband and I envisioned getting into the hospitality business we discussed how we can stand out and how we can serve our guests differently. 

Rustic Vacation Rental, Lodging in West Virginia, ATV Lodging

- Noah and Darlena Long 
Owners of Lazy Daisy Retreat, LLC

Lazy Daisy

The opportunity presented itself for us to buy our first project and acreage to grow. We rolled up our sleeves and jumped in to make our first rental a warm and inviting place to relax. 

We have put much thought into the experience we can provide our guests. Whether sitting by the campfire, being a guide through ATV trails, we want to help you enjoy the majestic beauty and wonder of West Virginia. Lazy Daisy is more than just a place to stay, it's a little piece of heaven. 

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